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Casting sound to TV


I've been able to cast my zoom app meeting video from my Windows laptop to my LG TV.

But, I'd like to also cast the video channel to the TV.

I have been using a separate, bluetooth connection from PC to a portable bluetooth speaker, but the TV already has a sound bar with a lot more control over the quality of the sound.




If you are connecting the laptop to your LG TV via HDMI, make sure it uses the "display audio" or "HDMI audio" device  provided by your laptop's graphics subsystem. For example if your laptop uses Intel CPUs and Intel integrated graphics, you will have to use the "Intel Display Audio" device. This will "package" and send the Zoom meeting audio to the TV's speakers or soundbar via HDMI. Here, you don't use the sound subsystem in your laptop for Zoom's audio output.

I have written a good article on my Website about this issue if you are interested in me sharing it to you.

With regards,

Simon Mackay