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Cannot surf the web when sharing screen in zoom


I have the strangest problem, but it is reproduceable.  

I am working on a PHP/HTML/CSS/Javascript system with a team of people.  We meet regularly on zoom.

When I am sharing my screen, I have no problem and can do everything I need to do on my local system (while others are watching) UNLESS I need to surf the web for any reason.  If I go to the web and enter a URL, it works at first -- but then my system will tell me there is no internet connection and I get a 404 file not found error.  Of course, there HAS to be an internet connection because I'm still on zoom.  Furthermore, any OTHER computer in my house that is surfing the web when I'm sharing on zoom has the SAME PROBLEM - it tells them there is no internet.  This does not happen when there is no sharing (though it doesn't matter if I'm sharing my screen or the other person is sharing their screen).   As soon as the sharing stops, the so called "internet" comes back.  

My desktop computer is a Dell with 64Gig of memory connected to the DSL router through an Ethernet cable. 


I recently updated my client to the most recent, and was told that this may solve the problem.  It did not.


Any ideas?




General troubleshooting for screen sharing
Restart your device or browser. Uninstall the app, then download and reinstall it. For macOS version 10.15 Catalina and higher, check your device's privacy settings and make sure that Zoom has permission for screen recording.



Rachel Gomez


Thanks, Rachel.  I appreciate your attempt to help. 


Nonetheless, I'm afraid that I'm beyond general troubleshooting.  This has been a problem for well over a year, and I've already done many hours of troubleshooting - rebooting, reinstalling, etc.  This is a Windows PC, of course, so the privacy settings aren't an issue like on a Mac.

I teach technology at a University, so I'm well versed in both technology and Zoom (indeed - I teach other faculty how to use Zoom). I thought I would reach out to the community before contacting Zoom support directly (which I'm not sure is even possible).  I do pay for Zoom and have 2 different accounts; a university account and a personal account.  This problem occurs regardless of which account I'm using. 

Anybody else have any suggestions?