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Cannot share screen on ipad as host during zoom session


I cannot share the screen as the host during a zoom session. I have an ipadpro OS15.2. All I get is a black screen with the words, "You are sharing screen" and  "Share Device Audio: On." I've tried updating the OS, updating (and uninstalling/reinstalling) zoom. Tested it on and off wireless network. It works from other devices, but does not work with this ipadpro (which I need to use for various reasons).



Community Champion

Hi @travelingmuse,


I've just tested screen recording from an iPad Pro running iOS 15.2.1 with Zoom Meetings client version 5.9.1 (2160) and I was able to share the iPad's screen successfully with a remote participant.


Please can you check the following setting on your iPad?


  • Launch the "Settings" app
  • Select the "Screen Time" option
  • Select "Content & Privacy Restrictions"
  • Select "Content Restrictions"

Please ensure that "Screen Recording" is set to Allow.