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Cannot remove Virtual Background from zoom portal


According to zoom guideline, we can reset the virtual background then all uploaded image will be deleted, but actually it left in the system. May I know how can I solve it? thx!



I am the owner of the account and I am not able to delete or reset zoom backgrounds - its gives a message uploaded by Admin but I am the Account Owner???


Zoom need help!

Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @KelvinFu and @jfirst46 as the admin on the account you can go to and manage you virtual backgrounds as an Admin for all users on the Account. 

Zoom Community Moderator

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That's the problem.  I'm the owner and I presume, the Admin, but I can't delete the backgrounds that were added.  Perhaps because they were added when the account had a different email?  But that would be a flaw.  This is a problem and I need to solve it.  HELP SOMEONE.


Hello Zoom Moderator,


I am facing the same issue as what is described above by KelvinFu.


How can I remove the file. The logo has changed slightly and I don't anyone to use it. Thanks.




If Zoom's virtual background feature is not functioning as expected and uploaded images are not being deleted despite following their guidelines, consider contacting Zoom's customer support. They can provide specific assistance to address this issue and guide you through potential solutions or workarounds to ensure that uploaded images are properly deleted from the system.


Hi @KelvinFu you can check when you access the Zoom web portal if you are an admin, as you would see 2 sections on the left navigation pane: "Personal" and "Admin". If you are an admin, go to the Admin section on the navigation pane and then click on Account Management > Account Settings (or click on this link 


Under Virtual Backgrounds > Manage virtual backgrounds, you should be able to see an "x" icon when hovering the mouse on the background you wish to remove. Click on the "x" icon and click on Done. 


Please see the attached screenshot for the 4 steps. In case you are not able to proceed, please provide a screenshot of the page to check what happens after clicking on "Manage virtual backgrounds" under the Admin account settings.