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Cancellation errors and unwanted meeting invites


Over the past 7 days, Zoom has randomly cancelled over 10 meetings meetings and sent several meeting invites for meetings that have already happened. I know this because my clients have emailed me asking what's happening. Has anyone experienced this and know how to address this?

I don't have a business account so Zoom won't talk with me. The Bot says it doesn't understand the issue. 


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Do you use Zoom with your Outlook or Google calendar? If so, have you or an assistant been deleting extra calendar events. That can often be the reason that an entire Zoom meeting was canceled, even though you deleted just one instance of the calendar event. 


Happens to me as well and don't know why that is


Yes I am having the same problem, Like you 15 clients emailed  to tell me this , meetings arranged that I have not arranged . this happened last week and this weeks meeting?  Have you resolved or found out from Zoom  I had no luck yet  

Nope... 😞

 dont use an admin.

Sadly, I've not heard anything from Zoom on this issue. Its strangely comforting to learn that it was just my experience, but highly frustrating that Zoom has done nothing to help us fix this. This is not a one off issue!

Same happened to me at three o’clock in the night.

In the morning the other participants ask me for what I set up a meeting at that time. In fact I was sleeping.


This is happening to me right now.   I send the ZOOM invites out and everything looks fine.  Then I check my bosses calendar (who I send the invites out for) and the meeting has been cancelled.  The clients are seeing the cancellation of the ZOOM meetings as well on their calendars.  


Did anyone ever find a solution to this?


No solution. Any suggestions, Zoom support???


I'm now having this issue- I created a Zoom event and some of the speakers tickets have been "canceled" and others not....


I am having the same issue. Meetings that will happen in 15 minutes get cancelled randomly. Please help


Just happened to me.  There was no way to tell it was canceled. Fortunately the attendee emailed me asking why it was canceled. I updated to the latest version a few days ago.

Listener | Zoom Partner
Listener | Zoom Partner

Similar issue.  Started 1/31. Using outlook, past meetings are being canceled and somehow contacts that were not on the original even are being added.