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Can you have separate profiles on the same account?


Hi there, 


I work for an organization that will be hosting regular events for people in our group. We will be using Zoom, but don't want these participants to be able to see our other meetings. We were hoping to not have to create a second account and just create a separate profile that participants would see when they come to events. We'd like to have one that is for business meetings that are hidden from all other participants, and one for community events, under the same account. Is this possible?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Participants invited to one meeting are not aware of any other meetings you have scheduled, but you can certainly create different user profiles on the same account. That being said, if you want both profiles to have the same features and functionality, you will need to purchase enough licenses for both users on the account. 

Here is a support article on how to add additional users: