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Can the iPhone Zoom app use audio input via Bluetooth, for a Zoom call - instead of the microphone?


We are using an iPhone on a stand as both camera and microphone for Zoom access to church meetings, but the sound quality is poor. We have a proper sound system and would like to use a feed from it (line output) it to replace the iPhone's built-in microphone for the Zoom meeting, using a Bluetooth transmitter so there's no need for wires. Can the Zoom app use the Bluetooth input instead of its built-in microphone? If so how would I set it up? If not, any advice is welcome! We are trying to avoid long wires and additional microphones.



My zoom phone is an iPad using a Plantronics BT headset and it works fine.  

Thanks - that's very encouraging.



Hi @CSWatford ,


If you have proper sound system, you would be best served with a wired connection.


For quality and reliability you simply cannot beat a wired connection.

Thanks - that is true but getting long wires to the iPhone in the middle of the auditorium isn't really practicable, so I'm hoping a Bluetooth solution will work reasonably well.


Update: After an unsuccessful experiment with a Bluetooth transmitter - and more research via Google - it is very clear that iPhones can't work with a Bluetooth transmitter - they are not designed to do so. So we will probably need to either use an appropriate microphone on a stand - with inconvenient cable - or re-arrange our stage area and put a laptop or iPhone much closer to the people leading the service. Any other advice welcome!