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Can't use my headsets when on Zoom


My blue tooth headsets work great on my computer except on zoom.  I'm working on a Mac.  When I switch to either headset a message comes up that it is switching me to the device specified but then nothing happens and I end up having to listen from my computer audio.  How do I correct this?



I would first make sure your headset is recognized by the computer.  Then use the zoom settings for audio to make sure you selected that headset for speaker and mic.  Run both tests and ensure the device is working.  We tried using two different models of Logitech H820e headsets,  the mono and the stereo.  Both work but neither has any call control.  We moved to the Poly Savi 8240 and this device has some but not all call control.  It will answer remotely but not drop a call remotely.  When we first acquired the Logitech models they worked.  Shortly after they stopped working.  I opened a ticket with both Zoom and Logitech and the finger pointing began.  We are 7 months into trying to make the remote answer function work with no luck.  Logitech has offered a different model but still the same problem.  Zoom keeps saying it is a Logitech issue.  In my opinion there needs to be some standardization on the signals between a headset and a phone app that can and should be common to all headset manufacturers.  There is no need for proprietary signaling.  Good luck and I hope someone has had better luck than we have.