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Can't share screen when someone else logs on


I started a meeting and has my screen shared.  I invited someone and as soon as they log in, I get a box that pops up that tells me I'm restricted from sharing.  I have combed through the message boards and checked/unchecked just about every box and nothing works.   I'm on a MacBook Pro.  Never had this issue with my PC.  :-(. And of course I need to be on a meeting tonight that I need to share my screen.


Box says Bc I am restricted from screen sharing when external users are present, my screen sharing has stopped.  It's my account, how am I restricted??


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee



This is an account setting that you can disable. Go to on a web browser > sign-in > settings > in the search bar type "disable screen". You'll want to ensure that is disabled.

Photo attached.


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