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Can't restart a Zoom meeting using the start_url again


I am using Zoom’s “Create a Meeting” API to create a zoom session and get the session’s start_url ( When I use the start_url for the first time, I’m able to get into the zoom session fine. But say I decide to end the meeting and rejoin, I get the error: you cannot start the meeting because it is hosted by another user zoom. If I try rejoining using the join_url, I get the error this meeting ID is not valid. This is an issue because a user should be able to start a meeting, leave, and then restart the meeting if desired. This is an even bigger issues for recurring meetings because all the meetings have the same start_url and the start_url is only working once. I also tried getting the start_url dynamically each time by calling the “Get a Meeting” API ( Similar to above, I am able to successfully get the start_url and start the meeting the first time. The second time onwards, I get the error: { code: 3001, message: ‘Meeting does not exist: 82749987484.’ } How do I successfully handle starting a zoom meeting, ending the meeting, and then restarting the meeting again?