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Can't log in to app on Android phone Error code 100006302



I am logged in on my phone, and signed out and in to check that the google account is correct and it is.

I can log into zoom admin on PC with the same  account


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @galactus2017 welcome to the community! Looking into the error code 100006302 I am seeing a couple of suggestions/past cases that may help resolve this! 


First, have you tried Uninstalling and reinstalling the Zoom application? If you have done so and you're still facing issues, I would consider leveraging How to join a Zoom meeting on a web browser and still see if you're facing that error? 


If all else fails, my last findings would be Zoom disabling a specific Data Center in your geolocation. Please reference your Account Profile for the additional options and consider leveraging one of these other data centers and set to your preferences.



Zoom Community Moderator

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