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Can't hear participants when using Shure Mic MV88+


Hello, We have the Shure MV88+ Kit and using it for Zoom meetings using iPhone.

We have an issue that there is no way to hear the other participants without speakers, that connects with 3.5mm jack to the mic output.

With one iphone (iPhone SE 2023) the speakers work, and we can hear the participants, however, only in low volume, otherwise we get a strong "feedback" noise, so I must reduce the volume.

With another iphone (XS) the speakers does not play sound at all. We tried many things:

  • connecting the speakers before zoom
  • or during the meeting
  • connecting the mic during/before the meeting
  • tried to change the settings of the output...

But the issue persists.
The iphone details are attached. This is the iphone where the speakers does not play any sound with.

Also a photo of how the external speakers are jacked to the back of the mic is attached as well.


The most Ideal solution for me would be to have an easy option to determine the input and output. For example, the input to be the external Shure mic, and the output to be the iPhone internal speaker, or bluetooth speaker. This is very basic setting to have.

I must add that we also contacted Shure support which claim they have many complaints lately from "zoom" users.


Maybe you can help to guide me where to look to solve this issue?