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Can't find the group when streaming live on Facebook


Hello, the customer service chat had no clue what I was talking about, so I'm hoping to find some help here.
When I try to go live and stream a meeting in a Facebook Group, I select the facebook group option and when I try to type my groups (it happens with more than one) the group name doesn't come up and I get the message: 
No Matching Data.
The problem has been happening in the last two weeks, I have been using it for years. 
I can't seem to find the issue or the solution anywhere this is my last try before I cancel Zoom and find another platform as I NEED TO be able to stream on Facebook.




I'm having the same problem


Listener | Zoom Partner
Listener | Zoom Partner

Same problem here and I have been doing this for years


I have been having this issue as well - there is a setting when you are trying to find the group - below in very small letters that says "facebook security settings" once I clicked on that the next screen offered me to edit settings and I found all my groups that I have joined were checked on - once I deselected them all and chose only the 4 I wanted - then clicked off that screen and went back - suddenly those groups showed up.  It seems that only 30 groups will show up on that drop down.  I hope the new settings hold.

Thank you! I have followed through what you suggested and it has worked! 

Wow, thank you. This worked! I have found NOTHING online to fix this until your response. Thank you!

You are the best -- thank you!!



It's happening to me too now!

Hoping I'll find the solution here.