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Can't disable Subtle background blur (it is not Blur My Background).




There is a subtle background blur I can't get rid of.


The Blur My Background option is disabled. 


Check the screen capture attached: unprocessed video feed from the camera at the right, and Zoom's at the left.

Note that the blur is really soft compared to the Blur My Background effect.


I tried multiple cameras and software, and I'm very positive that Zoom is adding that soft blur.


Any idea why this is happening and how I can get the full unprocessed video feed on Zoom?

My specs are:
MacBook Pro M1 Max 16'', Mas OS Ventura 13.4.

Cameras I tested:
Logitech Brio 4k, Display iSight, FaceTime HD Camera, iPhone 14 Pro Max Camera


Zoom 5.14.7 b18149



Looking forward to any help you can provide.





+1 this is so frustrating!


Have you checked whether you have the Portrait Video Effect enabled in Control Center?


Documentation here: Use video effects on Mac - Apple Support

Hi Bradford, 


The issue got resolved after reinstalling zoom.

The effect appeared similar to the Portrait Video Effect, but it was disabled at that time. I distinctly remember testing it by toggling it off and on multiple times. Additionally, the Portrait Video Effect should have appeared in all apps that utilize the enabled input device, but the only affected app was Zoom. I tried it in OBS, Quicktime, and other apps, but the effect did not show up.

Anyway, all good now. Thanks!