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Can't assign co-host in a meeting with some other Limitations on my personal Zoom account


Please kindly help as I can't assign a co-host in a meeting. I logged in to my profile to enable the co-host feature on the web portal but I can't find the option to enable the feature. Now I noticed that I cant find some features on the web portal, and moreover, when I click on some options(like Account Setting) I got this response "No permission. (200)" whereas I am the owner of the account. Clearly, under the account profile, I can see that I am the account owner but I can't make some changes and clicking on some features I got the response that No permission. (200).  What could be the issues? I don't to any organisation or group some I don't have any admin. Could it be because I'm using a free account?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello IsaacAvoseh,


The co-host option is only available for paid users. This is why you do not see the option, as is the case for other settings/options. Hope this helps!

Do all co-hosts have to be paid users? or is it ok if one of the co-hosts is paid and the other co-host is unpaid user? will it work? 

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi ValentinaA,


A co-host does not need to be a paid user. You can make any participant in your meeting a co-host. You have to be a paid user though.


Hope this helps!


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Super helpful, thank you!


I hold a professional zoom and I can’t make a participant co-host, plus I can’t change the parameters for it because it says it was set up by the host of the account…I’m the host of the account


please provide co host option for free zoom




i want co host


ather wise i will be admin