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Can't annotate a clients document on shared screen


This is something that has been driving me nuts for a while.  When I screen share a website, document or whatever, I am 100% always able to annotate it using my graphics tablet pen (XP Pen tablet and pen).  However, sometimes, when I client shares a website, a document, etc. from their end, my annotation option at the top of my screen is gone!  So I am unable to annotate on their screen.  I haven't collected enough information on the types of documents, sites, etc. that this doesn't work on, but I am wondering if there is something simple I am missing here.  I remember at one point when I would annotate, my name would appear next to what I was writing and Zoom told me the client has some control on their that will toggle on or off display of who is writing.  Is there some other menu on the client end I should direct them to, so that I can annotate their documents or whatever they are sharing??  I have asked them to look each time it has happened and they say they can't find any menus or toggles that would indicate they can enable that to allow me to annotate on their shared screen.  Hope someone can help.



Did you find anything out? I am having the same option, usually if the student is using a program like IXL, I wonder if it is a security issue since most are signed in through thei

Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hello! Thank you both for posting to the Zoom Community 🙂


If you do not have the annotation option, confirm that the host has not disabled annotation. 

To enable annotation, have them follow these steps:


If they started the shared screen or whiteboard, have them click More (...) in the screen share controls for these annotation settings:

  • Enable/Disable Annotation for Others: Allow or prevent the participants from annotating on their shared screen.
  • Show/Hide Names of Annotators: Show or hide the participants' names when they are annotating. If set to show, the participant's name will briefly display beside their annotation.


I hope this helps!


Carla (she/her/hers)
Zoom Community Team
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