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Can't Share Whiteboard


I am trying to share a whiteboard with two colleagues.  We all have separate paid Zoom accounts (not sure if that matters).  When I enter each's email to share, I get an error that says, "Sharing with users from this organization is disabled by your admin."  I believe that I am the admin of my account as it is a single person's account.  Appreciate insights as it took me hours to design the whiteboard.



I'm having the same problem.  Everyone seems to be on our account and has the same domain name. Only four accounts of our 15 are paid and rest are basic, but all are grouped together under company name. I've tried every name in the organization and the only one I can share it with seems to be a chat group of three of us. What's up? Would really appreciate some Zoom help with this.


Good day.  I found the solution to my problem, which I'll share and hope that it solves yours.  

Under Admin > Account Management > Account Settings, you will see a menu across the top consisting of "Meeting...Recording...Audio Conferencing...Zoom Chat...Zoom Apps...Whiteboard".  Under "Whiteboard", the bottom section is "Whiteboard cloud sharing".   Mine was originally set to "Only users in the same organization".   When I changed it to "Allow sharing with anyone with a Zoom account", I was able to share my whiteboard with everyone.  


Thanks, it worked for me too.