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Can't Create New Meetings Since the Latest Update on July 11, 2023


I can't create any meetings since the newest update.  Today (July 11, 2023), I logged in and once again the format has changed.  With this newest format, I am trying to schedule the meetings for my piano students the same way that I normally would with the date, time and length of the lesson.  I tried with a personal password and with the Zoom-generated password, and it won't let me do the meeting either way.  I email the links separately from my email as I sometimes have attachments or messages to send to the student/parents.  I keep getting an Error message with a number when it tries to save the lesson.  It's very frustrating because the lessons are for tomorrow! I wish they would stop trying to change things and just leave them alone! 



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @loricummings44.


Yes, the change is frustrating a lot of people.


That aside, I've updated one of my Windows computers to Zoom 5.15.3, and while it's definitely different, it still works - I've scheduled a meeting successfully.  What part of the process doesn't work on your computer?  If possible, can you give me a screen shot of any error or something different you can't get past?  I'll do what I can to help.

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This is such a backwards change Zoom did. I tutor on Zoom, and I usually send the copied links to the parents and only today did I see the strangely unproductive changes including not being able to see my list of students I'd scheduled on Zoom all on one page. Instead, I have to toggle to find each one per day, and the times are not listed, my title I'd made with my name and my student's name is gone--what a major mistake for this company! At least, that's my humble opinion as someone who was willing to start paying for Zoom once they shrunk the time for free membership to 40 minutes with one other person. All of this is definitely not intended to help their members. 


What a bizarre change ....... I have a number of long-term meetings which happen on a daily basis ..... they still work, but I cannot see any of them the way I used to, only newly scheduled meetings.

Please Zoom let me see my long-term meetings!