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Can someone give me the basics of the Breakout rooms


I have been around for a while and now I have a need to use Breakout rooms.   I went through the basic video and it did not explain it well.  I am the Owner of the account.  I did experiment but there were only three people and it was confusing.

Do I just assign the people?

Can the person in charge of the room Screen Share? 

Can participants come back to the main room on their own?       at any time?      do they have to be sent back by person in charge?


Community Champion

Hello @RonCro ,


Typically the host would assign users to rooms. This can be done manually or randomly.  You can also allow users to pick their own breakout room.


Anyone in a breakout room can share unless you have restricted sharing to only the host (and co hosts).


Users can leave the breakout room and return to the main session at anytime. Additionally you can set a timer to automatically close the rooms.


The Host or co-hosts can move in and out of breakouts and the users in the breakouts can send a message calling for the host.


Here are some helpful support articles regarding creating, managing, and participating in breakout rooms:

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