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Can not start zoom app


I can not start the zoom app. 

I click on the app and it just do nothing. 

I have windows 11. 

I restarted my PC. I reinstalled zoom. It just does not open 



we have same issue on number of work devices on version Version 5.16.2 (22807) on windows 10 64 bit it will not load i have had uninstall and go back older version for zoom client to work 

I have the same problem! Versions 5.15. work, 5.16. NOT! Is there a solution from Zoom coming soon?
Ich habe dasselbe Problem! Versionen 5.15. funktionieren, 5.16. NICHT! Gibt es bald eine Lösung von Zoom?


Have the exact same W10 64 bit problem. How do I install an older version?  


Same issue.  Windows 10 64 bit, would not load.  Un-installed / re-installed / re-boot.  Had to go to an older version for it to work.


Same issue here.

After updating to version 5.16.x, Zoom will not start. We tried repair, uninstall, reinstall. 

We only experience problems with Windows 10 64 bit clients on a Proxmox Virtual Environment. Those clients are using Dante virtual Soundcards.


Our MS Surfaces Pro 7 with Windows 10 64 bit, don't have issues and Zoom 5.16.x is running fine.

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Some users have been having issues with Zoom v 5.16 on Windows Servers 2016/2019 and some Windows pc's running older AMD cpu's. Zoom is aware of the issue and plans to fix it in its next release 5.16.10 by the end of the month.


In the meantime, try using 5.15.11 from here as it should work for you until 5.16.10 comes out,

We still having this issue with 5.17.7

Older version works..