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Can not hear piano being played during lesson


Hi! Thanking anyone for a reply!


My wife teaches piano with our granddaughter. Recently both her and my wife are unable to hear respective pianos being played during the meeting - but they can hear each other talking.


I have searched for recent answers with no luck other than to say with the latest update you need to have a paid subscription to change the setting for a type of audio suppression cutoff.


I am having trouble changing audio settings to rectify this, does anyone have a solution please?



Peter (++desperate++)


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee



For music, its recommended to use Original Audio via your zoom app ( settings -> Audio ).


Please follow this article :


If this helps, please accept the answer as an accepted solution.

This is not an acceptable solution!!!!  Like cowards, you ("Zoom") issue no warning.  The pandemic made you lots of money from teachers like me who bought the license to educate.  I guess you schooled us... so now I'm taking my money and going elsewhere.


Hi sachinzoom - thank you so much for taking the time to answer.


Just to start off with. Am I right, I need a paid subscription for this to work? If so why did this change?


Signed: Peter

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello Peter,


I am not sure about the change. Seems like you need a paid subscription though.


If this helps, please accept the answer as an accepted solution.




How would you not know this? Either you need a paid subscription or not? The language in the update is very confusing. Literally thousands of music teachers are scrambling this month trying to figure out why students Original Sound is not working as it did before. Zoom needs to followup with clear instructions on what the update(s) has changed and what is required of customers in order to achieve what they have been using for 2+ year with no issue.

Here, Here, VPianoStudio.  Thousands is right and we should all boycott to another system like Teams, Skype (still works, sort of), WebEx more expensive but they are trustworthy and don't pull stunts behind your back. 

I'm a teacher and a leader of a community music group that travels all over the country connecting to every other in our community, locally, nationally, and internationally.


Hi sachinzoom and thank you.


Yes, I followed that link and activated the musicians in a meeting in a test meeting. After one or two attempts it was confirmed with a message in the top left hand corner of the meeting window.


Played stairway to heaven to others and that music was heard by all. All done without a paid subscription. Will test this again in tomorrows piano lesson.


I will get back to you again, especially if all goes well!


Peter - most appreciative




Hi all! Esp: sachinzoom


Update so far without a paid subsciption during a test meeting:


I activated > Original sound for musicians > clicked on > High fidelity etc > clicked on > Echo Cancellation > & clicked on > Stereo audio


Then at the top left hand corner of the windows meeting > clicked on > Original Sound for Musicians: Off

Which changed that to: Original Sound for Musicians: On


Worked yesterday > I will see if that works in the piano lesson this afternoon > Aussie time > 1800hrs thereabouts.


Will let you know how things go!


Signed: Peter & the wife (over our 60's - for me close to 70!)

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Glad original sound worked for you.


If this response helped, please accept the answer as an accepted solution, so others can benefit as well.


Hi all!


Testing with two cameras > Original sound for musicians > and selecting all or just each of the options or a combination was a big fail.


Either too much feedback or echo in all the testing. Mind you we could hear the piano coming through all the racket! Which is some sought of plus!


Sometimes I don't know whether I am Arthur or Martha with Zoom - very frustrating to say the least.


In the end, what was a success was selecting > Zoom optimized audio & the > Low > option. And then > Advanced > Signal processing by Windows audio device driver > selected > On (Windows - default) > option


We could and the granddaughter could hear the piano being played. Not 100% happy - just 99.1% happy - but good enough for the teacher at this current time.


Next testing will be with only one camera to see if feedback or echo is still a problem  - considering each
has its own microphone.


Signed: Peter (relieved at this current time)


I was on a zoom call this morning and we could all hear phone buzzes and bells in the background. It looks like zoom has changed something in their noise cancellation. Hopeful that they were working on the piano problem, I ask one of the participants to see if they could hear the piano if I played. They could hear it (a big step from the last time I tried), but it intermittently dropped sound. This will surely not work for piano lessons. 


I've tried all the suggestions in this chat, except the one about Window - RAW, which I'll try the next time I'm on a zoom with someone. If it works, I'll post in this chat.



Additional information from reading Zoom help articles:


Having Windows 10 I went to > Sound control panel > Communications > Changed >


Reduce the volume of other sounds by 80% > to >


Do Nothing > then clicked > Apply


I will test this setting in next piano lesson to see if I get 100% satisfaction!


* The image link is of my sound control panel window


This was changed by Zoom a couple of months ago, according to an employee:


It's incredibly frustrating and you should definitely send feedback to Zoom.  The app should have the option to leave Original Sound enabled if you want to do so.


Piano teacher here. I have a paid account and I am able to enable original sound on my computer and other iOS devices.  About 75% of my students have been able to find the setting also.  But I have a handful of students that are on phones and are unable to find the setting to enable original sound.  It is not under the ... More, Meeting Settings as it is on other phones.  So frustrated as I have taught this way for 2+ years with no issues, but all of a sudden I am unable to hear some of my students play.  Help!

Same here! I asked all of my students that had the issue what kind of phone they have and it was always an iPhone. So I had wondered if it was actually the iphones that updated and stopped working for zoom piano lessons. But looking at all the comments I guess it was Zoom itself. Fortunately most of my students were able to switch to different devices that worked.

Glad you found a solution to this problem.


It is annoying that zoom turns this off by default. There should be a way for the host to enable it remotely for participants.  That said, the iPhone does have a way to enable original sound, but it takes several taps to reach the settings, and it is very well hidden. You have to click the back button at the top corner of the screen, which might lead you to believe that you are exiting the meeting, but it just takes you back to a hidden settings, page, where you can enable original sound. I don't recommend trying to walk someone through this, because it is not intuitive or obvious.  I only mentioned it because it is there if you need it.

Good to know, thank you!