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Can a participant record the zoom meeting?


If I create a meeting and go to teach a course, can students use third-party programs to record the computer screen?


If any student uses a third-party program to record the screen or similar, does zoom notify me that someone is recording the lesson?


Thank you in advance.



one could simply hold up an iPhone and record ... There is really no way to control this.


I understand that with a phone you can record with the camera.

But my question is if you use a program installed on the computer that records the screen and the sound of the meeting. If I can know if they are using any program installed on the student's computer.

Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hello Zoom Community members! Thank you for your contributions to the Zoom Community 🙂

To answer it simply, if the third party app was installed outside of the Zoom platform, Zoom will not be able to track the software. We do apologize for this current limitation.

However, if the third party app was installed from Zoom App Marketplace, you can view the Active Apps Notifier as it provides a notice to meeting and webinar participants when a host or other participant is using an app that accesses meeting or webinar content, such as video, audio, chat, and/or meeting files during a meeting. 

I hope this helps!

Zoom Community Team