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Can I run an unhosted meeting, and for how long?


Can I leave a Zoom meeting open for four hours, allowing people to come and go as they please?  The aim is to give people around the world (my friends and contacts) an opportunity to leave a Zoom message which will later be edited into a funeral video. Rather than send each person an individual links for a specific time, I'm hoping they drop by any time during the four hour window, and leave their message. I would hit record before leaving the room for four hours.  Is this possible?  Or do I need to stay and greet each person as they arrive?  Many thanks


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi GMWnz,


I don't know if the recording continues when the meeting is closed.
What you can do is to activate the automatic recording for the meeting during the scheduling. Then the recording starts as soon as a participant enters the meeting room.
Also note that no waiting room should be activated and the setting that the participants can start the meeting.

At the end you have several recordings, but I read from your question that the recordings are edited at the end.