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Can I customize my background without having a paid account?


Hi all, I need some guidance on backgrounds. When my clients stopped using Zoom and switched to GTM, I stopped paying to have it. Now I have a meeting set for Zoom and I can't seem to alter my background. Can you change your background if you are no longer apaying customer? If so, how? I'm on a Mac.

Thanks so much.






Yes, even as a non-paying Zoom user, you can change your background. On a Mac, go to "Settings" in Zoom, select "Virtual Background," and choose or upload an image. If you don't see this option, ensure your Zoom app is updated to the latest version.

I upload an image but it does not properly cover my background. it is still kind of see through and flickers. its pretty bad for a background because mine is not solid, even if i choose a photo. what can i do. i need help


I have a Personal/free account on Zoom; I'm on a Windows 11 computer.  I want to change my background for Zoom meetings.  Working from the above, I see "Settings" on the left toolbar but no "Virtual Background" option.    How do I ensure my Zoom app is the latest version?   P.s. -- I've already got the Virtual Background option enabled within the "Meetings" details, but that does not link to an app for uploading a photo (and I really wish it did).  Thank you!


I have a similar problem. let me know if you get help. i can choose a background but its not great. kinda see through and does not properly cover my background in my home.