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Can I block a specific user from accessing my Zoom link?


For a variety of reasons, it's been very convenient to keep my institutional Zoom room unlocked and open. People can start meeting without me, and users from around the world can join if they get there a little early. It's never been an issue, and the convenience has been very helpful.


A person has been accessing my Zoom link. At first, I thought it was a random click on an old invite, but it happened again today. I know, because I got the email telling me that so-and-so had joined my personal meeting room.

I know that if I'm in a meeting and I want to block someone, I can remove them and block them.

But is there a way to do this proactively?

Ultimately, I'll probably just reach out to tell them to stop - but I wanted to know if there is a "blacklist" or similar for Zoom users. I know there are many ways to secure my Zoom room - I can do those things if I have to, but I'd like to keep things open, if possible.