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Camera Mic Conflicts


Trying this topic again, as I haven't  had any success getting help. I have a RODE USB-mini mic, and a Logitech C505e camera. The camera has its own microphone and despite trying EVERYTHING in settings, zoom overrides the RODE mic and insists on using the camera's mic. If I disable the camera's mic, then Zoom says it can't find a microphone. The only way I can use my external mic is if I don't use the external camera, but the internal camera on my computer sucks. I've seen other people with these kinds of conflicts in messaging, but so far, nothing works.

I have already reinstalled zoom, updated my PC, checked settings, both in Zoom AND in Windows.

Isn't there someone who can troubleshoot this issue?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello @MountainGram


 When you go into your Zoom Desktop settings with the External Camera connected do you even see the RODE USB mic as a choice to select? In the desktop settings, the speaker and microphone are separate. I can select my mic and then use my speakers on my mac. My thinking on this is that your I/O ports on your windows device have a priority default, so if two USB devices are plugged in at the same time Windows treats one as the default. 


I believe that there is a way to prioritize the I/O ports on Windows OS. Happy to try and help but this does not seem like a Zoom issue. It looks to me like a Windows issue and I would think that their support or community page might have better answers for you. 




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Thank you. I will see what I can find out. It's frustrating to say the least. (Also, I'm not getting email notifications on answers, although I thought I had the box checked.)