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Camera Doesnt Start Automatically


Hello. I have noticed in the conference rooms that when I start a scheduled meeting the camera doesnt automatically turn on. I would need to go to the Zoom Room controller and turn the camera on from there. 


The conference rooms doesnt experience this when joining a meeting.  The controller & Zoom Room apps are up to date. Any ideas or suggestion to fix this. 


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee


   If the host of the meeting (the person that scheduled the meeting) has their meetings set to have video turned off when joining, the Zoom Room will follow this and not start its camera. 


You would just need to have Participant camera as on when joining. If a user has their client set to not start their camera, it will stay off even with this setting turned on for the meeting.

I hope that helps! Please mark the reply Accept As Solution if it does.