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Camera Doesn't Work with Zoom


I've done every single troubleshooting item listed for Windows and a Dell computer, and yet my camera just mysteriously stopped working for zoom last two weeks. I've updated drivers, updated zoom, restarted, checked camera settings for the app on Windows. It still won't work. Has anyone found anything that works beyond the listed troubleshooting items on the help page????? Camera works fine with everything else.


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @LWilson, is your camera on your Windows device integrated or USB? If a USB camera you can look into the list of Supported USB HID devices for the Zoom desktop client


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I'm not sure which thread I found this on but a lot of people seem to have similar problems and I found a thread where one of the users suggested making sure that your camera wasn't being accessed by any other apps.  Well I was positive my camera wasn't being accessed but checked anyway and sure enough I had activated the anti spying feature in my Kaspersky which control and overrides the camera.  Once I deactivated that, my camera works fine on Zoom again.  I wish I knew who to thank but in the process of rebooting everything afterwards to double check that everything stuck, I lost the thread.  Hope this helps.