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I would love help, our zoom account used for fellowship meetings has the 'claim host' option disabled by (a previous) admin.   We don't have an admin named in the account settings and as far as I can see the account is just me, the owner - I have inherited it from the last person who ran this account (and our fellowship meetings).   Can anyone help me please on how I can change the option set by  'admin' so I can now set up meetings where people can 'claim host'?I understand that the owner (me) cannot also be the admin - but I also don't know who the admin is - would I have to appoint someone to be an admin in order to be able to change some of the account settings locked by whoever set the account up?  From what I can see if I want to appoint an admin I am inviting them to combine their zoom account with ours which I don't want either. 


Many thanks in advance I am very grateful for any help.  I have spent two hours reading and working my way around the account tonight and am none the wiser. 




Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @GMMB,


There’s a lot of great material out there in the Zoom Support area online, but as you’ve found, much of it is technical and can be hard to follow. Sorry about that – I hope I can help!


I’m guessing you’ve read this Zoom Support article on “Using Host Key “: 


First, can you tell me if your accounts are Pro accounts, or are they all or mostly Basic/free accounts?


The Host Key is not available to free/Basic/unlicensed accounts.  See the prerequisite section of the article above which specifies Pro or higher accounts. 

If your accounts are Pro/licensed/paid accounts, I’ll try to help walk you through the process. 

Ray - / aka "Old Desert Lizard"
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Hi Ray, I would be so happy for some help.  The account is licenced and I am the only user of it.  I am registered under roles as the 'owner' and when I go to meeting settings and find the setting that allows me to set host keys for people to use it says it's locked by admin and can't be undone.   I am about to go to bed in the UK but would be so grateful for your help if you have time.   I am not doing great, tonight it wouldn't even let me back in as the same username as last night so I am now GMMB1!