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Bugs in Zoom 5.10.3 (2778) for Linux mint, sound control and lock ups


First, I had no issues with any prior zoom versions.  However, this update has brought some problems.

1. Sound volume control trouble

   a. Changing the volume with the OS speaker control OR function keys has NO effect on in in app volume,

   b. Using the Zoom client to change Output volume, MUTES ALL SOUND and cannot be unmuted.  This includes existing the zoom app and reloading, stays muted with no fix

2. App hangs or freezes at times while in the settings.   This hangs so well, you cannot even use the taskbark to kill it. 


This version 5.10.3 (2778) on my system is extremely UNWORKABLE.  Having a forced update for a zoom conference today has essentially stopped my attending.




I had to remove then reinstall the prior version.   Which did not have the bugs.