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Bugs in Ubuntu 64-bit Desktop client making Zoom unusable




I installed the Zoom Desktop Client (v 5.7.6  31792.0820) today, and have encountered severe problems that make the client literally unusable.


1. The mic randomly goes to Zero volume, cutting off speech altogether. This alone makes Zoom unusable.


2. The Zoom App button fails to show up on the screen although it is enabled in settings.


3. In the chat box, even if have ticked "Everyone", when a particular person sends a chat, the selection moves to that person's name rather than Everyone. If there are several chats by others, the selection keeps jumping through all the usernames.


As a paid account holder, this basically means I cannot use Zoom for my calls.








I can second some of these issues. I am using the Ubuntu Client on Zorin OS, which is Ubuntu-based. I have a dual-boot alongside Windows 10 on an HP Laptop. My others applications can use the mic just fine on both OS's, and Zoom on Windows 10, but on Zorin the mic picks up no sound. I don't know what is causing this?

Zoom Moderator

Hey @sierra1bravo, it's been some time since you've posted this. Have you tried updating to the latest version of Zoom? You can download  5.8.1 from here


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