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Breakout rooms won't start on Chromebook (4/2023)


After months of running things successfully with breakout rooms, suddenly the breakout rooms won't start (status continues to show "breakout rooms not started" and breakout rooms indeed do not start) after clicking the button to open breakout rooms when hosting on a Chromebook.


We're manually assigning participants to breakout rooms (only three or four breakout rooms with two or three participants in each).  Through troubleshooting, we found that we are able to launch breakout rooms successfully from a Windows 10 PC (build 22H2) using Chrome (v 112.0.5615.138), but the Chromebooks continue to exhibit the problem described above.


We've tried on two versions of Chrome OS (different device models, even): v108.0.5359.172 and 112.0.5615.62.  We've used the browser (PWA) version, as well as the installed app version (v1.4.9.1297 (0406)).


Any ideas?



I also have this problem. I was using breakout rooms with no problems on my Chromebook. After a month or so the "open rooms" button simply won't do anything. I've asked in reddit and zoom customer support was no help.