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Breakout room participants do not see messages/countdowns


when I want to warn the participants in breakout rooms that their time is almost up, they do not see either my message ("broadcast message to all" feature) nor any kind of countdown  (I do see countdown as a host).
Any idea how to solve this? How come they do not see anything when I broadcast a message? (I am sure I do everything right when I try to broadcast the "message to all" since there are no similar issues during the rest of my meeting.)


Note Taker

IT sounds as if you are doing it correctly. Is it possible they are just not noticing the messaging as it appears at the top of the screen instead of the bottom right where people are used to looking at notifications?

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I ran into the same issue today with a focus group of 18 participants. Pretty much everyone complained that they could missed 80% of the broadcast messages.
I remember that broadcast messages used to show with a Blue background till about 5 months ago. Now they just show as messages in white text on black background and it's so easy for participants in breakout rooms to miss this altogether.
Is there any place where this could be handled.
This would greatly improve communication across a dozen breakout rooms and is key to our process