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Breakout room hang or freeze


hi, i need solution with zoom breakout room. i have large meeting add-on with 1000 participants, when in-meeting all of my participants join on main session and i create 5 breakout room with option my participants can select and join one of my breakout room that i have been made, on firstly i open breakout room its working fine, the participant can join on breakout room, and i (as host) can assign participant to breakout room, but not for long time since i open breakout room, my breakout like hang or freeze, my participant cannot join to breaokut room (when they click anfd join to breakout room nothing happen) and i (as host) cannot assign them too (the assign button is there, but when i assigned them, nothing happen too). this case happen 2 time in same day, and i have updated version of zoom meeting client to be host. is this an issue ? or there is be a setting that i missed ?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

I don't think you're missing any settings. I think it's more likely that the Zoom server that your meeting is connected to may be struggling a bit. Unfortunately, you don't have any insight to that theory without contacting support. I would call or submit a ticket to Zoom support and provide them your Meeting ID where you're experiencing these issues. With that information they can look at the times of the meeting and compare it to the health status of the server that your meeting was connected to.


From there they might offer some advice moving forward.


Jeff Widgren | Host of the Zoom Test Kitchen