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Breakout Room assignments


In a recent meeting that used breakout rooms, we had two things happen that had a similar issue.


Scenario #1 ... when the individual was invited to join the breakout room, they accidentally chose the option to not join.  (I am unsure of what that option is, as I've never been on the receiving end of a breakout room invite.)  So, when they accidently choose to not accept the invitation to join the room, they come back to the main room.


and ...


Scenario #2 ... when the individual joined the breakout room, they left the room and rejoined the main room to ask a question.


So ... here's the issue and my question ... once those individuals came back to the main room, I was UNABLE to send them back to their assigned room.  Perhaps I'm missing something.   The only option I could see would be to send them to a different room.  Once there, they could leave THAT room; and once they returned to the main room, I would then have the option to have them join their originally assigned room.


Am I missing something?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hey, @ChazAdams,

You’re not missing anything. I tested – that’s the way it works. I didn’t think it worked that way, and don’t remember whether it was different before. Interesting! 😎


The attendee still has the option to join, but the host apparently can’t “request again” to move the attendee into the Breakout Room. 

I’ll ask @DeniseLahat – she’s done a lot of testing on Breakout Rooms, I think. 

My question would be, “Is this the way it is designed to work, or is it a software bug?”


If “works as designed”, I’d suggest a Feature Request: 
If it’s a bug, I’d suggest a Support Ticket: 

Ray - / aka "Old Desert Lizard"
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