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Breakout Room Assignment issue


We have conducted a Zoom large meeting (around 400 participants) recently, unfortunately we couldn't assign around 50 participants to Breakout rooms even manually. We have already enabled the option "Require authentication to join : Sign in to Zoom”. Any idea why this happened, as per my knowledge, only the users logged in (Sign in) via Zoom only can join our meeting, so once a participant is inside our meeting, even though his email id is not added in our Pre-assigned breakroom list, we must able to move him manually from the unassigned group to any of the breakout rooms. But unfortunately these 50 participants joined our meeting were not even appearing in the unassigned group. Can anyone help me to sort out this issue.


Ebey Samuel



Hi @ebey 


I wonder whether you are facing a couple of problems here:


#1 Up to only 200 participants can be pre-assigned to Breakout Rooms.


#2 "Require authentication to join" does not require participants join with the actual same email addresses they are registered for your Meeting with.


Or maybe also, some of your participants had clients older than 5.3.0


How many Breakout Rooms did you have - could you have reached some other limits noted in the link below?