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Blur background does not appear


Hi! The blur background option does not appear on my Mac, though I have the latest version of Zoom and the latest version of my Mac, as well as I count with ALL the requirements needed. I've deleted and downloaded the app, but no success so far. Can anyone help me?


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @EduardoA, Welcome to the Zoom Community! 


Can you please click the Apple icon on your machine then click the "About this Mac" and reply to this post with a screenshot of the Overview?

This will assist me in understanding which processor you are currently on to further troubleshoot. 



Zoom Moderator

Hi, here's a screenshot of that part. You'll have to excuse me, my computer is in Spanish, but it's almost the same.

Hi @EduardoA,


I apologize for the delay in response! Unfortunately, your device does not meet the system prerequisites for the blurred virtual background feature which requires i5 - 2 cores or higher, 6th generation or higher. The current system you are on is 5th generation. In this case, you will need a green screen. Let me know if you need further assistance 🙂


Please click Accept as Solution if this answered your question, thank you! 

Zoom Moderator 


MacOS Monterey 12.1; 1.8 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i5 

Zoom 5.9.1

I think this meets the specifications, but still no blur option on my 2017 Mac Air.