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Bluetooth audio troubleshooting


Hello. I have trouble using Bluetooth audio device with Zoom app for Android. When I project a Zoom recorded meeting from my cell phone to a Bluetooth TV, the audio comes out on the TV, which is exactly what I want. However, when I project a live Zoom meeting on my TV, the audio comes out from my cell phone. I'd like to use my TV audio. Can anybody help me to fix this?


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @Marylene, welcome to the Zoom Community! When projecting the video to your tv, make sure that you have selected the TV as your speaker, here is how-

During a meeting:

Access your audio settings in the meeting controls, by clicking the arrow next to Mute/Unmute.

Screen Shot 2022-05-18 at 1.22.11 PM.png

I hope this helps! 


Zoom Community Team 

Carla (she/her/hers)
Zoom Community Team
Have you heard of Zoom AI Companion?

On the android version of Zoom there is no arrow on the mute button to choose from a menu.  This is still an issue for me and I'm not finding any answers.

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

A few clarifying questions. 
Is your Android connected via Bluetooth audio to the TV before you start/join the zoom meeting? 

The button to toggle between audio outputs in the Android client is in the top left.



When you say that you 'project' to the screen, what method are you using? Local Content Share, USB-HDMI, Chromecast, or ? 

I am trying to connect to my car's bluetooth or a headset bluetooth.  When you toggle on my Android nothing happens except going from speaker back to off speaker.  It doesn't connect to the bluetooth.  Wondering if this is an Android software version issue - got a new phone and that seems to be when the trouble started.  

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

If you go into your phone's bluetooth settings (outside of the Zoom app), you should see a list of devices your phone has paired with, an indicator as to which are currently connected and if you select a connected device,  you will see if that connections support calls and or audio. "Connected for calls and audio" indicates both.  The Zoom app will use whichever bluetooth device is connected for 'calls' but it should be connected before you start your meeting.

Yes my devices are always connected to calls and audio before I start my Zoom meeting. Still doesn't work. 


Also, what about instances when you're on one device then switch to another mid-call? (e.g. using car bluetooth while commuting, then turn off car to walk into office, and switch to ear bud bluetooth for remainder of the zoom call)... are you saying the zoom app will not recognize the bluetooth device switch because it wasn't already connected at the start of the call, so it won't transmit audio to the new bluetooth??

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Your use case is very common.  I was just able to test it moving from one Bluetooth device to another. I connected my phone to the car, joined the meeting and the icon in my client started as the icon above (Bluetooth).  I then did an audio check with another user. AOK.

I then connected my headphones. Zoom did not switch to these however until I disconnected the Bluetooth from the car. While the phone was switching Bluetooth devices, the button above changed to the speaker icon and I had to click it to revert to Bluetooth.  I did another audio test and all good.   


I also disconnected all devices, joined a zoom meeting, then connected to the car. The button/icon switched to Bluetooth as soon as my phone connected. Audio functioned as expected. When I connected my headphones this time, I got the same behavior as before. I had to disconnect the car first, hit the button/icon to cycle through Speakerphone and reset the connection. When I toggled it a second time, my headphones picked up right away.


The Zoom client relies on the Android OS to manage the Bluetooth connection options.  The button toggles from Speakerphone to Bluetooth as your selection options. When Bluetooth is NOT connected, the button toggle between your phone's Speakerphone and 'x' to represent the Speakerphone is disabled and you are using the 'handset' or privacy speaker. 


Now the fun part.. Do you have a smartwatch by chance? 


When my smartwatch is connected, the Zoom client starts the meeting with the Bluetooth icon visible, yet the privacy speaker is still being used.  I'm not sure if this behavior is specific to my Galaxy Watch 3 (It has it's own Speakerphone, but only is useable by the Samsung Phone App) or a general issue we need to report to the help desk. I was able to toggle the icon a few times in order to use the phone's Speakerphone.  I was unable to use the watches Speakerphone.  When I connected my phone back to the car, the audio started coming through the car speakers automatically (as intended).

Thank you for doing such a thorough test. I don't have a smart watch, but it's good to know a bluetooth device switch shouldn't cause problems. 


However, this doesn't solve the issue I have with zoom not transmitting audio to my various bluetooth devices. I don't have terrible with any other games/apps or other video/web conferencing services. What is the solution to this issue? 

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Do the Bluetooth devices you are having an issue with have microphones built in? i.e. are they Speaker-Only or do they have Speaker-Phone capabilities.  I'm looking for Speaker-Only hardware so I can re-test and see if this is a common thread.

The bluetooth devices have built-in microphones. One is my car (2020 Nigam Altima  Platinum) and Samsung Earbuds (model SM-R175). And my phone is a Samsung Galaxy S20+ in case that helps


Yes my phone can be on both speaker or regular phone if that is what you are asking.  The only difference I can note between my last Galaxy and phone and this one is that the wired ear bud connection has a different connection - you need to plug it into the power slot (USB C headphones  needed).  But again I can use my phone in my car bluetooth with no problem - it's only zoom that is an issue.

I have a smart watch and today when i plugged a headphone jack in, it gave me the options of speaker, wired headphone or my smartwatch (not my earbuds). Is there a way to remove the smartwatch from this? 


Looks like there may be a fix coming on 7/18?  

  • Resolved an issue regarding bluetooth devices - Android

As of today (7/26), issue is still not resolved 😞


August 19th no fix for android devices, sound comes through speakers even when bluetooth is connected

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

If you are still having this issue, lets reply with some key data to see if we can identify a trend.

1. Android OS version : 

2. Bluetooth device Make/Model (firmware if available) : 

3. Android Device Model : 

4. (optional) Zoom client version : 

Looks like the Android issue has finally been fixed! 😀

I uninstalled and re-installed and still not working on mine 😫

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee


Can you provide these 3-4 bits of information about your devices?

1. Android OS version : [ex. 10.1]

2. Bluetooth device Make/Model (firmware if available) : [ex. Sony xyz123/v5.67]

3. Android Device Model :  [ex. Galaxy Tab S4]

4. (optional) Zoom client version found in App store:  [ex. 5.8.3]

  1.  Android OS Version: 12
  2.  Galaxy Buds2 - Model Number - SM-R177 - Software Version R177XXU0AVH1
  3.  Samsung Galaxy S21 5G
  4.  Zoom Client version 5.11.9 (7938)

@Eaganeer any updates on this? 

No updates. Hate to say it, but clearly it is not important to them.


When I want to use zoom in mi Android phone using a Bluetooth headphones, audio does not hear on headphones it is only on Phone audio. This is the only app has the issue. It does not happen with Spotify, YouTube or calls.


I have been experiencing this issue for the last 3 years with 2 separate expensive brand new Samsung Android phones. Never happened with my S10 or S8.  I have been reporting this issue since December of 2022. Multiple emails and actual meetings with Zoom employees. They have allegedly created tickets and spoken with the engineers. So surprising they can't figure this out. They tell me that no one else complains of the issue! So frustrating. I have finally started dialing in with my cell phone to get the audio to work


I cleared my cache and data under the Zoom app in settings and re-logged in and started zoom and now my Bluetooth works. Not sure why but fingers crossed this works for everyone. 

@natwall21 , thank you for detailing your troubleshooting tip in this thread! We hope others find it helpful as well 🙂



Zoom Community Team 

Carla (she/her/hers)
Zoom Community Team
Have you heard of Zoom AI Companion?

@CarlaA unfortunately this trick doesn't work anymore. Can you please let us know if this issue is on the roadmap to fix? 

Will you please reply to my post below? I have yet to receive an answer. It has been almost a month


I am facing the exact same issue described here.


Unfortunately clearing cache does not fix it. Being unable to use my earbuds with zoom is really irritating -all my other apps on my phone -phone, Spotify, YouTube, Google Meet etc work just fine with my wireless earbuds. Please help.


Details as follows;


1. Android OS version : 13

2. Bluetooth device : Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 3/v2.10.19]

3. Android Device Model : Pixel 4 XL

4. Zoom client version found in App store:

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

I'm not seeing any common hardware or OS trends here. We probably will need to open a ticket with support so that they can collect logs from the application to look for problems. 


One thing that occurs in desktop version that may apply here.. application contention for resources. In cases where the Bluetooth works on another application, is that other application still running (and potentially holding onto the Bluetooth connection) when you are testing with Zoom? 

This is so frustrating. You guys know this is a issue and it is still not fixed. I have cleared my cache and data. Uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Multiple sets of bluetooth headphones still don't work including in my car. Sound still comes through phone speaker even when I push the button to toggle between outputs.


1. Android OS version : [12]

2. Bluetooth device Make/Model [Bose SoundSport  firmware 3.0.4] This is just one headset of many that don't work.

3. Android Device Model : [Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G]

4. (optional) Zoom client version found in App store: []

Still not working. Still no reply. I pay for a membership. Please help.

Will you please reply to my post below?

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

I'm working on getting our support team in contact with you as I've run out of tools to continue testing this. 

Thank you. In the meantime I cannot use Zoom unless I am at a desktop. The speaker on my phone is not loud enough for some individuals. Have a great night


They never contacted me. Still cant use my phone for meetings. Unbelievable. I submitted another ticket.


Still not working. 8 months later of following your instructions and doing exactly as you requested. New post from someone else today about this exact issue.


1: android os version: 13

2: galaxy buds

3: android device: s22+

4: zoom version: 5.13.4 (11364)