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Bluetooth Headphones Stopped Working


I have been using Zoom for years with Bose bluetooth noise cancelling headphones with no issues on my fairly new Windows 10 laptop.  About a month ago they stopped working in Zoom; they work fine otherwise.  I can be listening to something on my headphones and as soon as I start zoom they go silent.  Inside Zoom when I test speaker and microphone and select my headphones I cannot hear the audio and it won't detect the mike.  If I turn off the headphones and select my laptop internal speakers it works fine.  I have spent hours trying to figure out what is going on via google and have not had any luck.  


Zoom Moderator

Hey @lpreinhold, just to clarify, you're not able to see your Bose headphones as a speaker or microphone input here when in-meeting clicking the ^ next to the microphone? 



You can try to uninstall/reinstall Zoom, update to the latest version, or take a look into the Fix Bluetooth problems in Windows KB from Microsoft. Personally, I have Beats Studio Pros 3 and Airpods that work with Zoom via Bluetooth using a Macbook Pro. 


Hope this helps! If it did, don't forget to click the accept as solution button! ⤵️