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Bluetooth Headphones Stopped Working


I have been using Zoom for years with Bose bluetooth noise cancelling headphones with no issues on my fairly new Windows 10 laptop.  About a month ago they stopped working in Zoom; they work fine otherwise.  I can be listening to something on my headphones and as soon as I start zoom they go silent.  Inside Zoom when I test speaker and microphone and select my headphones I cannot hear the audio and it won't detect the mike.  If I turn off the headphones and select my laptop internal speakers it works fine.  I have spent hours trying to figure out what is going on via google and have not had any luck.  


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @lpreinhold, just to clarify, you're not able to see your Bose headphones as a speaker or microphone input here when in-meeting clicking the ^ next to the microphone? 



You can try to uninstall/reinstall Zoom, update to the latest version, or take a look into the Fix Bluetooth problems in Windows KB from Microsoft. Personally, I have Beats Studio Pros 3 and Airpods that work with Zoom via Bluetooth using a Macbook Pro. 



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RN, May I ask you to please check out this community question? We need Zoom Bluetooth help over here. We are desperate! Thx.

I'd really like it if Zoom worked with my bluetooth headset.

a) the headset works fine with everything else in WIndows, including playing sound, for dictation, and with other video conferencing software

b) the microphone works with zoom

c) when I tell zoom to use the speakers (over ear), it says it is sending the test sound but nothing comes through (then after a bit it crashes and restarts zoom).  This applies whether I say "same as system" or select the headset specifically.  I can use laptop speakers but the point of a headset is to have a bit of privacy

d) it used to work with Zoom up until around the time everyone started posting these "zoom doesn't work with bluetooth" notices, so it's most likely a zoom issue.  But half a year later, it still isn't working

Open Zoom

Open Settings > Audio

Select the same Device for speaker and mic (my mic is on the Bose Headset wireless)

Good Luck.




I have the same problem but I'm using Bluetooth speakers rather headphones.  They work fine until I open zoom, then they stop working for all apps on the computer.

Where you able to find a solution?  I am having the same issue.

They started working again and I don't know why...

I don't think zoom is compatible with BT speakers, only headsets. Probably for privacy concerns. I imagine the BT gets disabled and later enabled for other devices. My guess.