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Black screen while screen sharing


Multiple users have come up to us and reported broadcasting a black screen during screen sharing. This is on devices with only an integrated graphics processor, so the solution from the help section does not seem to apply.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer



Is this that you users are seeing a black screen when you are Screen Sharing, or other users see a black screen when your users are Screen Sharing?


Is this when Sharing a whole screen, or a specific application window?


Are these Windows or Mac computers - and is everyone on the latest version of Zoom?





I have the latest version of Zoom, Windows 10.  I often get a black screen when the teacher shares his screen.  Zoom HELP has a fix for Windows users but only if your computer uses NVIDIA graphics-- you change some settings and restart. My computer is an ASUS with Intel graphics. Intel HELP suggests updating the current driver or downloading a more generic driver from Intel.  Not sure I can handle that without specific instructions for my computer. I may try it if I don't find any other suggestions here. 


We have the same issue. Windows 10 with latest Zoom client. Host shares screen, all participants of the meeting see black. We do not have Nvidia cards, we use Intel integrated.