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Beginners Guide (web meetings)


Hi Everyone,


I'm new to this API malarky and a novice. Trying to work out how to get a web app up and running to create zoom meetings.


Confused as I've create and App with SDK OAuth credentials, downloaded sample apps web and vue.js versions but this is where I'm stuck...


1. Meeting number - where do I create this or can I pass in anything I like here?

2. Redirect URL for OAuth - if I entry a valid URL (let's say an API endpoint on my dev server), what data should I be expecting to receive and therefore process and therefore return to my web application? Unless I'm missing the obvious there's nothing clear in the docs regarding these two points.


I imagine if I know what the redirect URL is supposed to receive and therefore "pass on" and if I know how to then creating a meeting number the rest should fall into place.


Can anyone help or advise or even point to some legible code examples (especially in my area of c# or vue.js).




Paul (Deeds).