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Been using Pro Account for months- today it "signed me into a different account without me knowing."


After  a number of minutes and people who usually come to the meetings not showing up, I checked emails.  Oh boy,  all saying couldnpt get in as "Different Meeting was already in progress"

Note that I was able to "start meeting, share screen of content that was to be used in beginning etc."


After receiving messages, I checked the settings. At first I thought it was just that somehow the passcode had been changed. However, then I discovered that the "meeting" was entiltles #Success" - some wierd titale that had nothing to do with any meetings I hold. To see my regular meetings, I had to

1. Sign out, sign back in

2. Notice that my regular scheduled meetings were not showing.

3. Go into 
"past meetings, look at yesterday's meeting" click on that to "edit" and THEN all upcoming meetings re-appeared.

4. GO FIGURE... Totally frustrating and a number of attendees also quite frustrated.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

It's a long shot - but do you authenticate using Facebook?


I'm having the same issue on all 3 of my pro accounts and thought that it was due to having Windows 11. I do not have this issue on Windows 10 or my Android phone. I did notice that one account had a slightly different name but have not been able find it again. Also, pro accounts aren't supported when trying to find support with an actual human? Crazy