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Basic/Free Accounts – New Limit for 1:1 Meetings

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Effective today, May 2, 2022, new limits are in effect for 1:1 meetings in Zoom Basic/Free accounts.


 Zoom has announced that the time limit for 1:1 meetings in Basic/Free accounts will be set to 40 minutes, the same limit that has been in effect for larger meetings in these accounts. See this Zoom Support article under the May 2, 2022 release notes “Changes to existing features “ section for details.  The relevant text there reads:



More information is also available in this Zoom Support article “Free account meeting duration changes”. 

Please  keep in mind that the volunteers in the Zoom Community don’t make these changes and don’t have information beyond what is already available to the public. This post is for your education, and we’re generally unable to answer many of your related questions, many of  which been discussed or  answered in other Zoom Community discussions.


See this post

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I have been trying to upgrade to PRO all day long.  After I put in my credit card information and click "next," nothing ever happens. Is the system overloaded or something? Doesn't Zoom want my money?


This is very frustrating and sad.


I loved Zoom and was proud of how you supported people during the beginning of virus - to the point where I opted out of participating in the lawsuit even though I experienced multiple meetings that were Zoombombed - but this decision is a game changer for me. I will be switching to Google Chat.


I hope you rethink your decision as this affects the most vulnerable people the most - those who cannot afford to pay to communicate with their family and friends for more than 40 minutes.


Wow. This is indeed a huge disappointment. Moreover, I did not receive any communication about the change prior to it bing in effect - and got surprised during a call with a client...

I am running a very small business and simply can't afford to pay "just" 10$ here and there and there. It adds up.

As in an earlier comment, I would hope that Zoom will reconsider that decision.