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Bad Interface: Warn user after 4 login attempts they will be locked out


I had the bad experience to attempt to login 5 times and get locked out for 30 minutes. If I had gotten a warning after the 4th attempt I could have chosen to use password reset instead. Also, locking me out after 5 attempts provides no additional security. A brute force password crack will need thousands of attempts. Make the lockout after 10 or 50 attempts.


This bad experience matters. I had a meeting in less than 30 minutes and had the whole team move to Facebook Workplace instead. If we like it we may not come back. You can lose customers over this.


1) Provide warning before lockout

2) Up the number of password attempts



Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @ControlAltPete, sorry for your bad experiences with logging in. Thank you for this great feedback!


After the first wrong attempt, you will be prompt "Incorrect email or password. Enter your sign in information again, or request an email to gain access to your account."


However, if you believe you truly don't know your password I would advise you to reset your password to prevent this within the future after a couple of attempts or contacting our Technical support team if you believe your password is right and need further assistance. 🙂


You can submit your feedback to and as Zoom takes all feedback into consideration. Thank you!

Zoom Community Moderator

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