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Automatically saved whiteboards are overwritten when returning from Breakout Rooms


I'm a teacher and use Zoom for classes a lot.
I have enabled automatic saving of whiteboards, so that I have all of them at the end of the session and can send them to my students. Recently Zoom started replacing saved whiteboards with later versions so that the original files are lost.

For example I will have a whiteboard at the start which will be automatically saved as [1] whiteboard - 1, then I send out my students to Breakoutrooms, join each room to help them and return.
Once I return and use the whiteboard again, this whiteboard will now be automatically saved in the same folder also as [1] whiteboard - 1,  therefore replacing the original whiteboard.
It has happened several times now, that go to the folder at the end of our lesson and discover that I lost half of my whiteboards.
Previously it used to save whiteboards after my return from the breakout rooms in a different folder to avoid this issue.

Is there something I can change in the settings?



Hi Nina, Did you ever find an answer to this? We have the same issue.