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Automatically Email Zoom Recordings to Participants that booked via Calendly




I would like to know if there is a way to set up an automation that integrates Zoom and Calendly, in such a way I can automatically email a Zoom cloud recording to the participant that attended the meeting, which was previously arranged via Calendly. For example, let’s say that client Jeff books a Zoom call through Calendly with Mary (the host of the meeting), he selected a spot in the calendar and provided his email address. After they have the call, the Zoom recording will be processed and Mary will get an email saying “Your cloud recording is ready” with the link to the source. Mary always has to send these cloud recordings manually via email to the clients she had the call with, but she would like to automate the process. With that in mind, is there any way that once these Zoom recordings are processed in Mary’s Zoom cloud, they can be automatically sent to the email address that Jeff used to book the call in Calendly? I guess this would be like a Zapier kind of thing, but I wanted to check in with Zoom Community to see if you guys can help out from your side. 

Also, I already wrote to Calendly... They said they do not have a feature that allows this, and suggested reaching out to Zoom Support to see if they have a feature that is compatible with what I am trying to accomplish. 


Thank you and I look forward to hearing from someone soon.



OMG!  Same question.


Yes, you can share the Zoom recording with attendees automatically using


I have the same question. You used to be able to convert to webinar and when the registered it would send recording automatically.



Yup. This would be super helpful.