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Automatical SSO users - can we prevent meeting creation?


We are using Azure AD for Single Sign On. Only 10 host licenses, but we want our entire 1000+ person organization to sign into Zoom when attending meetings in order to track attendance reliably.


However, we need to prevent unlicensed persons from creating meetings, so "Basic" level of licensing is still too much. Is there a way to prevent these users from creating meetings?


Thanks for any help you can provide!


Community Champion



Rather than create Zoom Accounts for these users, you can require authentication to your Zoom meetings and allow them to authentication using their Azure credentials. This way you'll be able to track attendance without providing the ability for them to create meetings. We call this external authentication External Authentication with Zoom 


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I get an answer in nine minutes?   Why did it take so long?  🤣


That solution looks extremely promising.  I will try it out and come back and if it works for us, mark it as Accepted. 


Thank you very much, Brad.

No problem! Let me know when you have the chance to try it out.