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Auto update Zoom Meetings in background




We are deploying Zoom Meetings 5.12.10232 to 100+ devices with Intune.

The deployment works well. We use the command below:

msiexec /i "%~DP0ZoomInstallerFull.msi" ZConfig="AU2_EnableAutoUpdate=true;AU2_SetUpdateChannel=0;AU2_EnableManualUpdate=false;AU2_EnableUpdateAvailableBanner=false;AU2_EnableShowZoomUpdates=false" zNoDesktopShortCut="true" /qn


But now we find out the application is only updated on devices where Zoom is running/started.

Is it possible to auto update the application in the background on devices where Zoom isn't started?


Thank you.


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

@mjklomp believe in order to keep Zoom always updated you would need to have the application running within the background therefore continuously refreshing/connected to Zoom for updates. The only thing I could think of at this time you could leverage the MSI option of "zSilentStart", which will automatically start the client in the system tray after reboot.


Just note Auto-update is Disabled by default, this will remove the Check for Updates option in the client and thus not allow users to check for and install updates for the Zoom client. If auto-update is enabled, users will be able to check for updates in the client and will not require elevated admin rights to update. To enable and allow users to update the Zoom client, append ZoomAutoUpdate="true" to your install choice:
msiexec /package ZoomInstallerFull. msi /lex zoommsi.log ZoomAutoUpdate="true"

  • Auto-update is not a true auto-update feature. This only allows the user to manually check for updates and the desktop client will not keep itself on the latest client version automatically. Please refer to EnableSilentAutoUpdatefor or AlwaysCheckLatestVersion auto-update options below. 
  • The VDI client will not respond to the auto-update switch.

I hope this guides you in the right direction! 🙂

Zoom Community Moderator

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