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Audio works when I'm a guest, but not when I host


I have a similar issue as a user presented here in March 2022.


New M1 Mac computers (MacBookPro and iMac) but no sound when I host a meeting - but fine when I'm invited (or using other meeting platforms).


Computers updated. I have updated and uninstalled Zoom more than ten times! Testing sound before and during meetings looks fine, but not in communication with other users. They can't hear me - and I can't hear them!


Zoom help center has already suggested that I should do these things and check my headset (!!), but nothing seems to help.


All suggestions are most welcome, as this has been going on for the last week. As I have many scheduled online meetings, I assume I have tested it with at least 20-30 different users on various computers in the last week. When I ask the participants to set up a meeting and invite me (with Zoom), everything works (with the same headsets/sound).


This message has been reported as a SOLUTION - my BIG mistake - it is NOT a solution to anything I know of. Sorry.

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Recently I removed (uninstalled) my anti-virus software and made sure that permissions are correctly set for ZOOM in the Firewall (allow connections). Nothing helps. I hope that ZOOM someday sets their software specialists to look into this.  ---> There are multiple messages around here about similar situations: Host has no sound!


Try restarting device or reinstalling zoom. Happened to me when during video, I reinstalled zoom and it worked fine after that.

Hi  charlesmyron009.


Have I done that? Yes, more than 20 times I guess over the last ten days! 


Thanks. I have struggled with this issue for more than two weeks now. But no success.  I have now deleted and reinstalled Zoom more than ten (10) times. On two computers. Both with the new M1 chip from Mac.  Lastly, I have made sure that the Firewall settings allow Zoom and has removed my anti-virus software.


There might be something small that you are missing. Otherwise how can Zoom not working with different accounts and different computers. For this I suggest you to ask someone to host a meeting and if his hosting on zoom working fine ask him how is he setting up a meeting as a host. Do what he is doing. Hopefully that might solve the issue. 
Try zoom on your android phone, see if it works fine there.
p.s: I don't think antivirus has anything to do with it. Don't leave your computer vulnerable to viruses.

This message has been reported as a SOLUTION - my BIG mistake - it is NOT a solution to anything I know of. Sorry.


Hi jameslehner992,


I agree with you. This is strange! Why does it work one way but not the other? The thing is, that I have found at least two other cases where users had the very same experience! No solution was offered, so I guess those - also - went to another platform.


Over the last ten days I guess I had scheduled between 10-15 meetings, that did not work when I was host, but went perfectly fine when I asked one of the other participants to be the host and invite me.  I think I know how to use Zoom, as I have been using meeting software for more than 25 years now. Sorry. But normally, users do not have to do anything special to get a Zoom meeting to work. So what should be the special thing I should ask for information about? That is a really good question, that I would like to know. the answer on.


I can get Zoom to work on (older) iPad - but not on any of my never M1 Apple computers. Therefore I suspect something in the OS direction. Also, Zoom offers two different Zoom versions, one for M1 computers and one for older OS, so there must be a reason for Zoom to do that....They are very smart people. I would just like to get a little help on this strange issue.


Hi, my university uses Cisco AnyConnect Socket Filter, which can create a VPN but also always run in the background of the computer, and uses something they call "Umbrella" that does some filtering. I tried today to stop these services and see if it made any difference to the workings of Zoom. But to no avail. I also guess some other users might have seen the issue if it was true. I think there must be hundreds - or more - Zoom users here. 


Status: Sill not possible to be hosting a Zoom meeting from my M1 computers - as the sound seems to go only in one direction.


Hi, critically thinking about my sign-in process and figured out that I have developed a habit of pressing  "Test Speaker and Microphone" before entering the Zoom meeting. This sequence of presses leaves the Zoom meeting in a state where no sound is transferred.


Question to Zoom (I know nobody reads this - but if someone maybe knows how to reach Zoom?):

Why have the option to test sound - before entering a meeting - if that removes sound for the host?


I guess users should typically select the checkbox in the lower right corner, "Always connect with computer sound."


Please see attached screenshot.


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If you're having trouble getting audio to work when you host a Zoom meeting, there are a few steps you can take to troubleshoot the issue.


First, make sure your microphone is enabled in the Zoom settings. You can do this by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the Zoom window and then selecting “Audio” from the left-hand menu. Make sure that both “Input Device” and “Output Device” are set to your preferred microphone and speakers.


Next, check that your microphone is working properly by testing it outside of Zoom. You can do this by opening up any sound recorder program (such as GarageBand or Audacity) and speaking into your microphone while recording. If you hear yourself, then your microphone is working correctly.


Finally, if audio still isn't working when you host a meeting, try restarting your computer and router.