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Audio - unable to hear participants


EDIT:  I believe I've solved this issue.  However, if anyone has any thoughts, I'd still welcome them!  Thank you!




I use Zoom mostly for 1;1 meetings.  For the past few days, I have not been able to hear the other person.  They can hear me; I just can't hear them.   I have checked my Zoom Audio settings while in the room.  And, my participants are not on mute.  I use a good quality headset by Logi.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  

Thank you!


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @capaurige, have the participant check out How to test and adjust audio on desktop devices if that helps! Let me know after the participant tests and if it helps! 


Leverage cool features and how to's from the Community Center. If my reply helped, don't forget to click the accept as solution button! ⤵️

This didn't help me. It was the first thing I tried. All audio works otherwise. I've had to switch to another video call platform because no one seems to have a solution. 


I'm having the same issue , any suggestions. Its been fine for two years and this just started last week????



I am having the same issue. It started yesterday 

I can see them but can't hear them. They hear me.


I am having the same issue. I can't hear the particpants but they can hear me. This is a new glitch, so please help. I am hosting a meeting in two days and this has to be fixes.


thanks in advance!




I'm having the same problem on my mother's windows 10 desktop. Can see but can't hear participants on any zoom meeting.  Computer sound works fine on everything except zoom.  Zoom worked fine for last couple of years then this problem started suddenly 2 days ago. Googled for help, tried many things, including zoom settings, uninstalling and reinstalling zoom, rebooting computer, checking computer sound, etc.  Nothing's worked so far.  I'd greatly appreciate any help with this.  I need to get this working for my mother asap.

Hi, I finally went into Zoom settings and reset everything to "on" relating to audio. Whatever I did, it worked. So the only suggestion I have is to be sure all audio options are turn on. 


Good luck!

is there any way we can do a zoom to /screen help me out??

i have a presentation tomorrow morning and can't figure out.

i did a test meeting today and they can hear me, but i can not hear them.  ***********



I'm having the same issue. All other audio works on my laptop, but I can't hear others speak on Zoom. They are not muted, it's multiple other users, and my system test says it's fine. I need a fix for this - my mentor prefers Zoom and wants to keep using it.  


We are having same issue.  Belong to two book clubs and a weekly social group--have logged into ZOOM for past couple of years without problems. Suddenly we cannot hear any participants speak.  HELP!!